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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Food for Health

I found an article on the MSN web site I was interested in reading. It led me to a Rodale Publication - seemingly aimed at men.

I read the suggested daily foods and wanted to submit a comment (quoted below) on the story. I've been suggesting these foods for a very long time, probably 40+ years as this is the age range of my children.

I went to the Contact page and tried to use the email address given for submitting comments, however that failed.

I admit I get very frustrated when this happens, especially when responding to a magazine article. I find it becoming more and more prevalent. And I think it is about as annoying as perusing at the health information on the Oprah web. Gee I wish she would broaden her perspective, it might help keep more people healthy. But so much for my 2 cents, you have to give up too much personal information to respond to 'O'.
RE: Eat these eight foods every day to cover all your nutritional bases By: Ben Hewitt
This article suggests substituting soy yoghurt in place of regular yoghurt. It also suggests kefir, which is available today only as a product loaded with flavors, additives and preservatives.

I am a great supporter of yoghurt even though I am unable to eat it as often as I would like because I recently learned I have a milk allergy. I am also allergic to soy, but it is a food I never recommend because of high allergy potential, risk to health and difficulty in assuring it is GMO free.

I started eating yoghurt when I was 11 years old, about the same time as I began reading Prevention and Organic Gardening, when Mr. Rodale started publishing these magazines.

At that time yoghurt was simple, and more like the traditional style of homemade yoghurt. It was not over processed or full of sugar, artificial sweeteners and non fat milk. I made yoghurt for my children as they grew up, and have a very interesting page about it on my main domain.

I am also a person who has worked with Rodale press on several books, but remain discouraged by the commercialism and drug or processed food ads in the publications.

I credit Rodale publications for leading me to my work of more than 50 years in natural health. It certainly has complemented my work as a health care professional well before the trend.

It would be gratifying to see less trendy information, and more of what was published early on.

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