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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Orthomolecular Pioneer on Vitamin C

Should you decide to follow Dr Bate's advice you can buffer ascorbic acid with NAHCO3
The Best Vitamin
What's the best vitamin?  Of course as Linus Pauling and others before him found - it's Vitamin C.  But, there's a catch.  Because of the lies and distortions of the truth by Big Pharma, very few people get even close to what all primates (that's us and apes etc) really need for vitamin C.Did you know that the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) was originally set up only to PREVENT deficiency diseases?  Did you know that it was named MDA (MINIMUM Daily Allowance), and the change to RDA was promoted by both Big Pharma and Big Food.  Of course, Big Food simply wanted to be able to advertise and sell food as better than it was for profit.  And there is a lot of food promoted that is negative nutrition because of the sugar and crap in it - but it has FDA approval.The motive for Big Pharma was quite different.  If the true "values" of Vitamin C were known to the public, they would lose billions of sales.  So, Big Pharma has hired "tame" MD's to do so-called "scientific testing' that has shown vitamin C to be not effective against colds and flu viruses, let alone cancer etc.)  Vitamin C has proven over and over that it can cure cancers mediated by viruses.65 million years ago, the "primates" (including our ape ancestors) somehow lost one very important enzyme that is necessary to make the chemical change from glucose (blood sugar) into Vitamin C.  Virtually all other animals on the planet have this enzyme, and they manufacture their own Vitamin C to fight infection, both bacterial and viral.  Why do you suppose that meat eaters (our pet cats and dogs up to and including buzzards) can eat diseased meat unharmed?  They make their own Vitamin C as needed - we can't.So, what is a "REAL" RDA amount for daily health?  Go to a zoo, and talk to the primate vet, and you'll find that a 150 ape needs 4000mg daily. (Apes are more valuable than humans it would seem.  How can  75mg compare to 4000mg)?   That RDA is actually what we need as well, but Big Pharma controlling the Food and Drug Administration keeps it at 75 mg.  The sicker you are, the more drugs they sell, and the more profit.  It's as simple as that from the profit standpoint. But, since all other animals make their own "as needed", and this amount varies as the situation varies, so a 150 lb dog might make 5 grams of vitamin C in one day, and only 2 the next day.   Just what does Vitamin C do in the body IF (That's what's known as a BIG F) you get enough? 
  1.  It kills bacteria and virus cells much better than any antibiotic even invented.  And, it has no bad side effects like killing off the "good" bacteria in the gut, and ruining good digestive tract health.  
  2.  The ascorbic acid (same as made by other animals and cheapest of all forms) combines with all minerals in the blood, and takes them out of the body.  This includes all the toxic minerals such as mercury, lead, copper, etc. (The ascorbate forms (more expensive and sold as "pH neutral" do not do this very valuable work.   This works like expensive chelation and used correctly, vitamin C takes the calcium out of the plaque in the blood arteries and veins.  Since the calcium plaque is what holds the fatty acids into the arteries, then the fatty acids,(including cholesterol) melt away, and the multi-billion industry of "statins" loses a lot of bucks. Other animals have no cholesterol problems because of this.
By keeping this info secret, or by ridiculing it with phony tests, Big Pharma protects its profits - so a few people die - "so what" seems to be their attitude.   
 3. Since toxic minerals really put stress on the brain and body, the level of overall body stress is lowered, and this is critical to health.
The real problem is getting enough.  If you get a bacterial or viral infection, Vitamin C is used up very fast.  And, because both "germs" double in size every 20 minutes, it's going to take one hell of a lot to get ahead of it. 
Say you take 2000mg, and say that that kills one half of the "germs".  (If you start taking it early.) 20 minutes later, you're back to original size, and by the end of an hour, the number of "germs" is double to 4 times as when you started.  (Binary arithmetic is very fast to grow!)
Want a very efficient way to stop a cold or flu?  At the first sign of such, start taking 4000mg (4 grams) every 15 minutes.  Do this until you just start diarrhea,  (That's called "Bowel tolerance", and shows that you are getting at least a bit more than needed to solve the problem.)  Now cut back to 1000 mg per hour to be sure that the infection is "cured".  That's what I do, and I get rid of any symptoms within an hour or so.
So, I take 4000mg of Vitamin C daily, split into two doses, and if I cut myself, I put nothing on the cut, and let it scab over and never get infected.  I horrify MD's and Nurses by using insulin needles up to 10 shots to myself, and I don't even use alcohol.   
Now, there are many different forms of Vitamin C on the market, so how can you tell which is best for you?
The two different types are plain (cheap) ascorbic acid Vitamin C, (usually with a few bioflavinoids in it).  The second type is already mixed with some mineral such as Calcium Ascorbate, or Sodium Ascorbate.  These forms do NOT take out minerals, and therefore aren't as good (to me) as the plain and cheapest ones.  The plain  ascorbic acid is what all other animals make in their own body out of glucose.
(With all the sugar in our diet today, if we could get that enzyme back, we'd all live much better and longer.)
Do yourself a favor and go with the cheapest, as it's the best, and the most natural.  

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