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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yes, rBGH is a thing of the past, so we are told

"...yogurt can only serve as a source of absorbable calcium if it is prepared from unpasteurized milk and is unsweetened."

Yoplait, the not real yoghurt stuff promoted mainly to women under many sorts of advertising, especially connected to the fraudulent pink lid campaign, may still be hiding health from you.

While everyone is now happy with General Mills for telling us they decided, after a lot of pressure, to stop using rBGH (recombinant or genetically modified - bovine growth hormone containing milk for their Yoplait brand of products.

Of course you need to ask what else they might not be telling you.

Yoplait might not be telling you that aspartame is still in their "light" versions. Aspartame is a known carcinogen and that is exactly why people in Hawaii and New Mexico are now attempting to get the substance banned from their states.

They might also not be telling you that using low fat or non fat milk to manufacture their product will keep you from getting to be able to sue the calcium that you think is in all dairy food and helps give you healthy bones. Yes, ladies, you really do need fat in milk to be able to absorb and utilize the calcium because it is a fat dependent nutrient.

Have they mentioned that the sugar used ion their fruit versions also block the absorption of both calcium and protein?

And what about the high level of phosphorus in their products?

And just why is it so hard these days to get unpasteurized (raw) milk, something previously easy to purchase within the last 20 years?

Be that as it is, a colleague happened to send along this morning from one of his recent articles:

Yogurt is also heavily promoted as a good calcium source. Aside from the fact that a great many people have dairy food sensitivities that make these foods congesting and a causative factor in a wide variety of catarrhal disorders, yogurt can only serve as a source of absorbable calcium if it is prepared from unpasteurized milk and is unsweetened. The uptake of calcium from the small intestine into the blood is inhibited by the presence of sugar.

Plain unadulterated milk made at home into health promoting yoghurt is a longevity secret of the Bulgarians. Here's some information to help you do some thinking about grocery store quality products.

If you'd rather have a healthier brand try Nancy's or Strauss. Better yet make your own.

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Stephen Fox said...

I am beginning to wonder whether Obama and his top brass especially Rahm are becoming oblivious to the merits of Cabinet candidates, and the obvious need to put someone at HHS who has real charisma, intelligence, and clout: clearly obviously that would be Howard Dean, M.D.!

Here are two of my articles on Howard Dean for HHS:


Please take the time to email both President Obama and VP Biden in support of Dr. Dean at HHS; I believe the very future of American Health and Illness
Prevention is at stake; I welcome your insights and ideas.

Inspite of the laggard situation re: Health Reform, we are making progress with bills to ban Aspartame in both Hawaii and New Mexico. The Hawaii Ban Bill may get killed this week because it hasn't been scheduled by Health Committee Chairman Senator David Ige. Is this 21st Century Consumer Protection, to see good bills killed by indifference, ignorance, corporate lobbyists, and foremost! a Senate Health Chairman's inaction, who chose not to schedule this bill for a hearing,
while tens of Native Hawaiians are suffering from aspartame induced epilepsy and worsened diabetes, because they use and their doctors told them to drink Diet Cokes and chew sugarless gum, because the aspartame is metabolized as methanol and formaldehyde?

Thank You!
Stephen Fox, Political and Consumer Editor, New Mexico Sun News