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Friday, February 06, 2009

Justice Ginsburg, Randy Pausch, and others

A news report this morning relaying the dismal statistics about pancreatic cancer survival identified that it is the 4th cause of death of all cancer today.

The report included all the issues of mainstream treatment such as surgical removal of tumours, chemotherapy and radiation.

As the reporter added about the colon cancer Justice Ginsburg recovered from not so long ago, one has to wonder what effect that chemo and/or radiation had on her recent situation.

What this reporter failed to include in her story is a cancer treatment developed for pancreatic and liver cancer about 50 years ago. This more natural approach seems to offer an 83 per cent cure rate according to the most recent study.

This is a far sight greater than the 10 percent chance of cure offered by current allopathic methods.

And, by the way, is any one asking what might be the cause this rash of pancreatic cancer cases? Is it the food, is it cancer treatment, is is wheat allergy or just what is the stimulating factor? Or perhaps I should ask just where is a good epidemiologist with an inquiring mind.

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