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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Ways to Access Your Health Data

The data miners never take a day off.  And when it comes to getting your health and other personal information it seems they will stop at nothing.

Now some one has dreamed up the new Health FICO score so they know if or when you are follwoing doctors' dictates.

My concern of course is that in this mdel there is nothing to call to the fact that too many health care provider's faile to engage you in informed consent.

But now you can see for yourself what this new spying scheme is about -
 New medical FICO score sparks controversy, questions

Jeremy M. Simon, On Thursday July 28, 2011
Within the next 12 months, whether you like it or not, about 10 million Americans are expected to be scored -- much like a credit score -- on how likely they are to fill a prescription and take all the pills the doctor ordered, on schedule.

FICO , creator of the widely used credit score that predicts whether you'll borrow responsibly, is now rolling out its new Medication Adherence Score.

FICO based its score on a formula that predicts whether you will take your prescription drugs. FICO says that since correct use of medication is important for patients, medical providers, insurers and pharmaceutical companies, the Medication Adherence Score will help achieve that goal. They predict it will improve therapy effectiveness and reduce health care costs.

The company says those who score low can be targeted for extra reminders and educational efforts, with the goal of making patients more likely to complete their prescribed regimens.

"It's very important to identify those people who may need that additional education and that additional help," says Dave Shellenberger, senior principal consultant in FICO's health care division.  Read more...
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Manuel Yao said...

I am not sure how FICO score estimator can help patients that much. Many personal reasons could be given as to why some patients do not adhere to medication directions.

Pharmaceuticals may be the best beneficiary of this implemented method.

Anonymous said...

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