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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hands on Healing for Pain and So Much More

Reading news early this morning I came upon a couple of article that were of interest because they involved energy healing.

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One was from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. The article described a difficult situation for a woman, and it did discuss some troubling behavior by this practitioner. However, in general my feeling was that it was generally negative toward healing. The writer actually interviewed no one that could shine some positive light on this type of work.

Here is the article and other information.

Here are my comments to the writer -
The second article that caught a bit of my ire came from Everyday Health.
I just wanted to comment that while you article is good it hardly seems fair as it paints a negative picture of all intuitive healers.

I have the sense to know what is wrong with people by looking at them. I do not however do any type of work similar to what the man did in your article. He was certainly out of bounds and for this he should be prosecuted.

Spinal manipulation is not always chiropractic. Medical providers that specialize in osteopathy can do this and the new hybrid type of naturopaths do this as well. Even some physical therapists licensed massage therapists do this too as you mention.

There are specialized chiropractors that do use a very fast and forceful type of adjusting. I have experienced it and I do not like it. I am however an advocate of chiropractic for many situations.

I hate to counter Dr. Sampson but he is totally incorrect about the lack of scientific studies into healing. However this is the medical closed-mind set and it is also the same of the US government (bias) even though there is an office of alternative health. His attitude is clear when he refers to all of this as *quackery*.
I am a bit surprised that you did not make an effort to talk with Barbara Brennan. You would find a great amount of science behind healing if you had contacted her. There are many other sources, including MDs that write on this subject and do study it. I began studying this area in 1972 and many of my teachers were medical professionals.

I will tell you though that bureaucratic attacks on people by state departments can be extremely egregious and corrupt. I am not surprised at the record in your state.

Patient records ARE the property of the "patient": Destroying them or being advised by an attorney not to give them to a person about whom the record is written is violation of patient rights and regulations covering health related records. Maybe this woman should file a bar complaint against Wu's attorney and seek recovery from him for obstructing justice.

I'm a longtime Reiki Master, teacher, and practitioner.  In general I thought this article too was slanted to the negative.  The other concern I had too when reading it was the fact that it stressed "that standardization is lacking" in the United States.  

Since Reiki is a practice that facilitates energy, it is not "similar to massage", and it is very much based on following the lead of the person receiving the treatment.  In this sense standardization would defeat the purpose of this ancient healing technique.

The article made some good points, but it labelled Reiki as "alternative medicine" which it is not.  

What are your thoughts?

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