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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Doctor offices do not honor privacy

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a woman at my local plumbing company. She was complaining about the lack of privacy at the area doctor groups and how there is no effort to protect patient data and financial information in front of other staff and patients.

To have any public credibility doctors have to honor their medical oath and be reasonably in tune with medical truth. This is exceedingly hard to do if your health care provider has bought the Big PhRMA/Big Insurance paradigm.

I explained to her that HIPPA is set up to collect and share your information and that the failure to provide private areas to discuss your information is a legal requirement.

Where one gets their information is telling and for doctors crucial. Pharmaceutical muscle is evident not only in medical schools but in medical organizations, local medical boards and in the governmental institutions that oversee medicine and public health. All of these medical organizations are in the business of strong arming doctors, creating fearful and highly conditioned environments that continue outrageous but profitable practices for the industry.

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