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Friday, July 22, 2011

Instant Replay: Fluoride & Green Tea

For many years I served as a medical adviser with a group that educates about and researches on the topic of fluoride.  They do this because fluoride is a very toxic substance.

Over the years your exposure to fluoride has grown in many ways that to most are not considered.  To this end you will find many articles at Natural Health News about the fluoride issue.

My advice is to learn all you can and protect your self from overdosing on this very poisonous halogen group member.

If you follow this blog and our other web work you may know that I have frequently spoken out against green tea, especially as it is marketed to be the panacea of the world.

I do drink green tea from time to time, but very infrequently.  I like Pu'erh tea as well which is a fermented green tea.

I picked up on this today when the "Supermarket Guru" talked about an interview he was doing with an MD on Pu'erh.  While some reports show that Pu'erh may drop cholesterol levels that might not be your biggest need to know more about this topic. Clearly nothing was mentioned about the fluoride concern.
Here is what I stress about fluoride and green tea- 
 ...tea has been found to contain very high levels of fluorine, because it is generally made from lesser quality older tea leaves and stems, which accumulate fluorine. Its consumption has led to fluorosis (a form of fluoride poisoning that affects the bones and teeth) in areas of high ... tea consumption.
Cao J., Zhao Y., Liu J., (1998), "Safety evaluation and fluorine concentration of Pu'er brick tea and Bianxiao brick tea" Food Chem. Toxicol. 36(12):1061–1063
Overdoing green tea can lead to pancreatic cancer but few report this.

The impact of industrial fluoridation and depleted uranium in the environment as well as volcanic eruption also contribute to this.

Just another word to the wise.

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