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Saturday, December 04, 2010

High-Dose HRT Still Prevalent - OB/Gyn

Remember, HRT is strongly associated with developing cancer...

According to the latest statistics compiled by the American Heart Association, cancer surpasses heart disease as the top killer among Americans between the ages of 45 to 74. The odds are very high that you or someone you know has cancer or has died from it.Cancer rates for various types of cancer are on the rise, and environmental/lifestyle factors are increasingly being pinpointed as the culprits, such as:
  • Pesticide and other chemical exposures
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Processed and artificial foods, packaging chemicals
  • Wireless technologies, EMF, dirty electricity, and medical diagnostic radiation exposure
  • Obesity, stress, and poor sleeping habits
  • Lack of sunshine exposure combined with use of sunscreens
This not an all-inclusive list, of course, but as the research into the health of our ancient ancestors shows, cancer is not a "natural" disease, and genetics are not a primary factor. (Some data from Mercola)

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