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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keep Safety In Mind with CFL Bulbs

December 2010 -  Of the numerous posts we have on Natural Health News about the risk and hazard of CFL light bulbs I chose to update this one to let you know that it has been agreed to reduce mercury levels in these toxic light bulbs.

What you aren't being told is that you can still get the regular, old-fashioned type light bulbs that have been improved to give you more light, for longer hours, and with better efficiency.

LED lights are improving, are now available in more formats, and cost is coming down.

We still vote for LED.

December 2007 - In Parliament (UK) a recent discussion was brought up in regard to the much advertised CFL light bulbs. What is never mentioned in all the advertising and promotion of these bulbs as a means to save energy is that they are a hazardous waste.

You might think it amusing to worry about disposal of these light bulbs, but you should think otherwise: CFL bulbs contain approximately 6 grams of mercury.

Parliament suggest 10 steps when removing and disposing of these bulbs including: Wearing a protective mask & gloves; placing the bulb in a sealed study box using tape; placing a damp cloth in the box, and taking the sealed box to a toxic waste disposal site.

Toxic mercury can be very harmful to health and may lead to development of neurological diseases.

You might want to look into LED or halogen bulbs as an option.

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