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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Don't Ya Just Love Bad Media Reporting

This is an excerpt from one of my recent newsletter issues. I'm including it because the latest mainstream medicine/media cartel would like you to be scared away from using supplements of any kind, and in this case calcium and vitamin D.
"The base level for vitamin D for both adults and children is 50 nanograms/mL If your level is below 50 then you will use it as fast as it is made, and you may be at risk for deficiency. This is more of a concern for people of color, those who do not go in the sun, those who are confined or live in climates where it is darker in winter, and those who wear clothing that covers the entire body.

Blood serum levels above 80 ng/mL allow for reserve storage. Levels above 200 ng/mL are thought to be toxic. The optimal range at all times is between 50 and 80ng/mL for adults and children."
Now that you know what your serum D3 level should be, are you willing to be frightened into believing you get all the nutrients you need from food?

If you are following the Big AG Food Safety Bill in the US Senate perhaps they will offer you more should you wish to fall into the trap that they have set for you and your health.

Think about it!

When I was growing up vitamin D was believed to be a very important nutrient. In some areas of medicine and health care it remains important today. Yet now it is a serious concern because of the 30+ years of non fat and low fat diets that keep you from absorbing nutrients in need of fat.

Calcium, by the way, requires vitamin D in adequate stores, a healthy thyroid (tough when you have fluoride in your water and drugs), a healthy parathyroid, and healthy fats in your diet (not soy and canola oil).

I do think calcium is oversold. My belief is that you need about 800 mg daily, taken with food, and in the correct form.

You can order the vitamin D test and thyroid panel, or other tests, from our organization. Many states allow you to order your own. We also provide a service that includes interpretation of what lab results mean for your health. Help yourself to quality supplements, including vitamin D here

If you have concerns about "stones" try more vitamin C and drinking more pure water.  If you are getting care for kidney health issues then choose vitamin D2.

Use the Natural Health News search box to check out all out vitamin D posts, all 8 pages...

A new report, released 11/30/10 by the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences, says that few people are vitamin D deficient. The scientific research says otherwise.
The new Institute of Medicine (IOM) report says that persons between the ages of 1 and 70 do not need more than 600 IU of vitamin D daily—and makes the outrageous claim that few people are actually vitamin D deficient. This is especially troubling considering we’re moving rapidly into the thick of flu season, when people need more vitamin D, not less.
This is the government’s first official vitamin D recommendation since 1997. Despite raising the new vitamin levels by 300% for most Americans, the IOM guidelines are still in contrast to overwhelming scientific evidence that confirms the significant medical benefits of higher vitamin D levels, and that one-third of Americans are vitamin D deficient.
Changes in US lifestyles mean that many people in the US get less exposure to the sun and often inadequate dietary levels of vitamin D. The New York Times reports that a number of prominent doctors have advised vitamin D supplementation for a wide variety of illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Their research shows that more and more people know their vitamin D levels because they are being tested for it as part of routine physical exams.
The IOM is wrong in its findings, wrong in ignoring the bountiful scientific research that indicates the need for higher levels of vitamin D in our system, and wrong for not educating folks about the ability of vitamin D to combat the flu. Our campaign to end the silence on vitamin D is one attempt to educate the public and get the government to listen to the clear scientific findings. (Source:ANH)

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