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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Therapy Better than Drugs

Now with the specter of universal health care looming upon us with the Daschle/Clinton/Obama clique at hand, I believe we need to be vigilant.

For those of you who recall Hillary's first attempt to force universal coverage for the masses, to the exclusion of her governmental cronies, the Clinton's were pushing for drugs only (such as Prozac) with no therapy.

Of course those of us who have seen the fall out from Prozac and similar fluoride based SSRI drugs, we now have the zombie generation performing homicide and suicide as the fallout.

And of course Big Insurance is sitting on the side lines until after January 20 to get the same handouts as Big Pharma has received over the last eight years.

Obama just doesn't get it when it comes to health care, todays drugs and insurance.

Depression Treatment: Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy As Effective As Anti-depressant Medication, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (2008-12-02) -- Research shows for the first time that a group-based psychological treatment, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, could be a viable alternative to prescription drugs for people suffering from long-term depression. In this study, MBCT proved as effective as maintenance anti-depressants in preventing a relapse and more effective in enhancing peoples' quality of life. The study also showed MBCT to be as cost-effective as prescription drugs in helping people with a history of depression stay well in the longer-term. ... > read full article

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