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Monday, December 15, 2008

Adding Your Comments

I have on occasion requested that people who post comments to my blog, Natural Health News, be courteous enough to use a name of an ID rather than post anonymously. Sometimes this happens and something this doesn't.

Generally I reserve the right not to post your comment if it is sent ANON. I also don't like comments that appear to be strictly an ADVERT. I do however read them all and I do think sometimes the information is valuable enough to post. And this is a quandary.

I've gone through some recent comments and am adding them here in an edited form, because they do help with the purpose of Natural Health News to INFORM.

Sierra Night Tide is concerned about the FDA taking action to limit asthma drugs when they added a comment "FDA defies DSHEA in latest threat to dietary supplements":

I have severe asthma and two of the medicine the FDA wants to ban is on the list. I am asking that anyone that has or has known someone with a lung disorder please contact the FDA and let them know that all Americans with any disorder or disease be allowed to continue living life best they can with the current medicines available and not to ban them. Banning even one of the medicines I take can reduce my daily life by as much as 50%

I would like to comment that there are other options for people with asthma that are much less damaging that the standard medical treatment offered to people with asthma.

One thing is to consider adding magnesium to your supplement regime. Another is to increase your vitamin C and B complex. In traditional naturopathy bee pollen was often used because it supports the adrenals and helps with providing B, C and other helpful nutrients. Using bee pollen is something you need to test for and slowly introduce it into your program, especially if you are allergic to bee sting. Of course you do need to consider reviewing all your concerns with the prescriber of your medication. Vitamin A also can be very helpful because it is the main nutrient for the mucous membrane lining of the respiratory system. Vitamin E helps O2 cross the alveolar membrane. Exceptionally high quality eucalyptus essential oil is helpful to spray in the air around your home as it heals the mucous membrane. Removing all toxic home cleaning chemicals is another way to help improve your environment. And of course you need to look at the possibilities of food and chemical reactions. Herbs like mullein help reduce mucus, peppermint is also helpful to some. Breathing exercises are also beneficial. Cells salt - Ferr Phos and Mag Phos are good as is DMG to give more O2 and other benefits. And don't forget to consider drug interaction issues and nutrient depletion caused by your Rx, along with getting tested for adrenal fatigue or impaired thyroid function or various anemias.

Keep up your great work! I understand that the only approved application for aspartame, is as an insecticide.

Love, Dr Jim

Aspartame expert comments on aspartame and refers us to a You Tube video that shows the same. If you doubt the comment look up the Merck Index which is a chemist's manual or search for the aspartame MSDS sheet.

Whoever posted this next comment is correct in some ways but I question some of what they say as it appears they think of it as dogma. As one example, while EDTA can be helpful it has some things you need to consider before you think it is the cure. Olive oil is not toxic if you use first press and it is sold in glass bottles. The other thing I didn't like about this commenter is that thay sent in a second comment shortly after this one and attacked me because they thought I censored their comment. They seemed very angry.

Don't forget that anger causes damage to your cardiovascular system!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A downside to using "plant sterols"":

The main problem with all this is that you DO NOT have to lower blood cholesterol, so whether it is by taking synthetic statins that block CQ10 production, cause kidney faulure and weaken muscles, or by reducing dietary sat. fats that raise cancer risk and reduce intake of many valuable nutrients or by taking plant sterols, as explained in thearticle, there is have NO scientific basis for all this.

Letet me explain. Dietary cholesterol does not cause heart disease, and high blood cholesterol is not an indicator of heart disease. This nonsense started with a faulty study In Framingham, Massachusetts, in 1953, that showed that the population had slightly elevated blood cholesterol, and also slightly elevated heart disease. The study mistakenly concluded that dietary cholesterol had caused the higher rates of heart disease, and the higher blood cholesterol had caused the higher heart disease. To this day it is accepted dogma by the mainstream, having had a non-questionnable mega-billion dollar food and drug industry built around it.

What raised the cholesterol levels of the subjects in the study? One or more, or any combination of... insufficient omega 3 fatty acids in the diet, lack of vigorous exercise, overweight, lack of sufficient Viatmin B3, (niacin), post menopausal period in woman, aging in men.

What caused the heart disease to be slightly above average in Framingham?

One or more, or any combination of high blood triglycerides, (blood fats elevated by sugar, alcohol and carbs); high lipo-protein alpha, (lowered with vitamin C); high homocysteine, (lowered with vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid); to a lesser extent, smoking, dog heart worm, transfats, inflammation from obesity.

Lets examine some high cholesterol foods. Butter contains the omegas in perfect proportion, arichidonic and conjugated linoleic acids, magnesium, selenium. Butter synthesises Vitamin B6 through friendly intestinal bacteria, reducing heart-disease causing homocysteine Study in Lancet, showed that those on the very high ghee, (butter), diet had one tenth the heart disease of pure vegetarians. Eggs contain l-cysteine and selenium, powerful heart-protecting anti-oxidants. (Study by Drs Cayley and Hammond, American Cancer Socoiety, showed that those that ate more than 5 eggs a week had less heart disease.) Beef fat contains conjugated linoleic acid, and beef is a rich souce of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Many groups of people have a very high sat. fat diet but no heart disease history. The Masai in East Africa, the Eskimo, the Benedicitine Monks, the Irish in America, and various Pacific Islanders.

Further, the so called Mediterranean diet, does not in reality exist. Italians traditionally cook with butter, goose fat and lard, depending on the region, the Greeks eat large amounts of high sat. fat feta goat cheese daily, the Spanisha and Portuguese loads of fatty pork and eggs, and the French cook with butter and cream, and consume much cheese. Less heart disease yes, but not from the toxic olive oil.(H R Clark, 2007) nor from eating nore fish!

The food pyramids are also not science based, but thats another 10,0000 word essay. Ignore them for better health.

Before dropping eggs, butter, fatty red meat, liver etc and taking anything to reduce you cholesterol levels, you need to go outside the big pharma mind-control box and do someserious study that will affect your life.

Already have have narrowed arteries? Do your utmost to get hold of EDTA. It works, and with 20 beneficial side effects.

I applaud this commentor for her openness and willingness to share. It is one of the reasons I posted her quote about healing on Natural Health News. She has an informational site about Interstitial Cystitis (IC). I sent her some information about correcting this situation with natural approaches and they are related to my post on Marshmallow herb.

Cathy has left a new comment on your post "just a quote for today":

...recovering from IC. I was diagnosed 2 and a half years ago. I have been dealing with the symptoms for a lot longer though. I've been on tons of medications and had 10 surgeries since I was diagnosed. I was just wondering what worked for you. I currently have a urostomy bag and would someday like to get rid of it and maybe something that worked for you could also work for me! Thanks for your time.


I hope this person does do what they state -

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Vitamins for Alzheimer's":

my dad died from alzeheimers complications. thanks for the article ! perhaps i'll start some kind of preventative therapy.

And one last ANON comment came from someone who was selling an algae type product for Parkinson's which was too much of a sales pitch for me.

I hope you benefit from what these readers of Natural Health News have to say.

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