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Friday, December 19, 2008

Jet Lag: Natural Cure Safer Than New Drug

UPDATE: 28 December - It appears that quite a few people are looking for a garlic remedy to help with jet lag. I find it a rather curious use of garlic, but after some research I found that it is a ginger-garlic mix that may help. The writer advises that it is very important to stay hydrated and avoid coffee, carbonated beverages and alcohol when flying. This same suggestion is what we have advised for decades when flying. The air circulation system in aircraft is dehydrating as are the aforementioned beverages. Water, tomato or apple juices are better choices.

It seems to that the same pre-flight and post flight dosing schedule we suggest for the B complex and other vitamins in our jet lag remedy are followed: Take on two days before flight, the day of flight, and the day after flight.

It also helps to set your watch to the time zone where you will be landing prior to flight.

The nice part about ginger is that is helps with sea and air sickness and digestion as well as helping you stay warm (garlic is warming too).

When you arrive, this source suggests a warm bath and massage or foot massage specifically. Placing a few ginger tea bags in your bath will help too. An added factor from ginger is that it does help in a small way to support the adrenal glands and this may act as a stress reducer.

If you choose to use raw garlic I'd suggest soaking it in raw honey for at least 10 minutes before chewing. The honey adds nutrients and enzymes that are helpful for stress and this indicates one reason why a spoonful of the luscious liquid is an insomnia help.

This sounds very similar to the data I contributed to one of Rodale's books on healing. Material from Rebecca Wood is referenced in this update.

I don't know why this pill popping culture we have is always bowing at the feet of Big Pharma.

Just the thought of another drug smacks more of profiteering to me. What about a better use for all the money in drug development: how it could benefit people through education on already existing safe, natural approaches to relieving jet lag and sleep/health problems associated with shift work.

I've had a great Jet Lag remedy on file at my office for 40 years. Many people have used it and tell me it worked great. I think readily available and inexpensive melatonin can be effective but I prefer not to suggest using it.

I am impressed with the results I am getting from blue light contact us for more details) therapy however.

Even certain foods, select vitamins, adjusting your watch and a good attempt at maintaining hydration go a long way to help you with this concern.

So, why an expensive drug?

Recover development costs while the patent is in effect and mega bucks to keep share prices up.

And how might this apply to your health?

New Medication Brings Hope Of Jet Lag Cure

ScienceDaily (2008-12-17) -- Researchers have found a new drug with the potential to alleviate jet lag and sleep disorders caused by shift work. ... > read full article

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