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Monday, February 18, 2008

I think there is something wrong with this thinking

Usually I don't stray far from the health focus of my blog but today I have to add something about what I believe is a clear example of faulty thinking.

I generally do not have faith in the legal/court system, judges, attorneys, law enforcement or related people.

I say this as a person who has been both a witness in cases, won based on the factual matter of my testimony, and a victim of corrupt cops-attorneys-prosecutors-judges-other elected persons.

I am against people who molest children. I am for fair and unbiased treatment in the legal system as best as one can (very tough today).

I do not think it gives fair grounding for any prosecutor or attorney -anyone for that matter - the right to condemn what a person has to say on the mere basis of a criminal history. Talk about creating bias for the jury panel! YIKES!

Maybe attorney King should get an ethics check-up. After all it is NOT his job to decide for jury panel members, and his comments might lead to a mistrial.

I think too this has applicability in health care litigation, but again, it is my humble opinion. I just have seen too much to believe things will change soon.

16 allege abuse at Morning Star
SPOKANE, Wash., Feb. 16 (UPI) -- A total of 16 men have alleged they were sexually abused at Morning Star Boys' Ranch in Washington, it was reported Saturday.

The Spokesman Review in Spokane, Wash., reported three additional plaintiffs -- ages 39, 48 and 55 -- filed suit in Spokane County Superior Court. Two of the men claim they were abused by the Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, the facility's former director, in the 1960s and 1980s. The third claims to have been abused at the Catholic facility south of Spokane in the 1970s by the Rev. Patrick O'Donnell, an admitted pedophile, and by an unnamed ranch volunteer.

Timothy Kosnoff, a Seattle lawyer representing the plaintiffs, said the latest filings are the strongest yet against Weitensteiner.

"He now has been credibly accused by so many people," Kosnoff told the Review. "The evidence is mounting and it's so overwhelming that we think it's necessary."

Jim King, an attorney for Morning Star, countered that Weitensteiner has voluntarily taken a polygraph test and passed "with flying colors." King brought into question the credibility of those making the allegations.

"Did he (Kosnoff) tell you how many of his clients are felons?" King asked. "These cases are going to involve the credibility of the accuser and the accused."

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