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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Healthy recipe or just for corporate profit -

Original Dannon yoghurt had nothing but milk and cultures, with fruit or other real food based flavors coffee, lemon, honey, vanilla). That's it, only natural and health promoting.

Over the years and several corporate owners later, here's what you have.

From the ingredient list of Dannon strawberry light Activia - 4 ounce serving, about 50 cents a package +/-

Cultured grade A non fat milk, strawberries, inulin, water, contains less than 1% of fructose, corn starch, modified corn starch, natural flavor, kosher gelatin, carmine (for color), sodium citrate, malic acid, sucralose

Contains the active cultures L.Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus and Bifidobacterium

Activia Light has 35% less calories and 50% less sugar than Regular lowfat yogurt.

Activia Light: 70 Calories, 8 or 9g Sugar (depending on flavor)

Regular Lowfat Yogurt: 110 Calories, 18g Sugar per 4oz

What isn't noted is that it contains some irritating and unnecessary ingredients:
Is the non-fat milk free of hormones? or is it from dry milk powder?
What is the source of inulin and the reason?
Water, is it filtered or fluoride containing tap water?
Fructose - stresses the liver
Corn starch - allergenic
Modified corn starch - most corn is GMO and grown with large amounts of pesticide
Natural flavor - sometimes allergenic
Kosher gelatin - gelatin may be a health risk because of Mad Cow
Carmine - can be an irritant and allergenic to some people
Sodium citrate
sucralose - a chlorinated hydrocarbon first developed as a pesticide

and by the way, calcium requires at least 2% fat milk to be absorbed.

Some researchers have questioned the health benefit of S. Thermophilus.

You can get better benefit from real yoghurt and real cultures. If you don't want to make your own, I suggest Nancy's yoghurt. Nancy's is the kind of yoghurt Dannon used to be, once upon a time...

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