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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Digital TV, more EMF and your health

Often one really gets the complete story because the underlying agenda is to sell you on some covert agenda.

As an example, it looks like the US Fish and Wildlife agency did a bit of research on the effects of coming digital TV, and they presented it to Congress.

I am sure you did not hear it from any of the local and network talking news heads, or read it in even the New York Times. Yes, I am picking on the NYT these days because they aren't acting to address the toxic problems in the Silver Valley (Kellogg, ID). They would rather rely on the January 18th tourism article, making the area seem to be the new outpost for more celebrities.

Be that as it may, along with tourism comes sprawl and more cell and DTV towers.

In the mid 90s I was out researching the facts behind the health effects of EMF, including cell towers and the proposed move to digital. The telecoms and broadcasters didn't want you to know some of the things I discovered, and more likely not, they don't want you to know now.

Yes, EMF and Digital does and will further effect health; yours and the rest of all living things.

You can read what the Fish and Wildlife biologist told Congress here:

And you can ponder on the New England issue with disappearing bats, the birds and the bees here:

Some of the information is what I have believed and found to be factual in the last decade or so.

Funny how the Russians have known it since 1940, and the US Navy did not want you to know for decades until the problems with sonar and whales came to light.

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