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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hawaii attempts what failed in New Mexico-BAN ASPARTAME

Already banned in the Philippines, Hawaii may become the first state in the US to ban neurotoxic aspartame. A previous effort in New Mexico failed. During the heated debate, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson allegedly accepted a $10,000 contribution from Ajinmoto, a company that manufactures aspartame.

I am for this ban.

If you are trying to stay healthy, you want to avoid it at any cost.
From the Hawaii Reporter:Health Concerns Warrant the Removal of Aspartame Products Should Be Removed from Hawaii Marketplace
By H. J. Roberts, M.D., 2/25/2008 8:43:47 AM

I strongly urge the removal of aspartame products from the market in Hawaii, based on clinical observations and extensive corporate-neutral research on aspartame disease for over a quarter century.

The medical and public health basis for this recommendation has been detailed in my numerous original articles/letters and four books -- including the 1000-page text "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic."

The widespread existence of severe reactions to aspartame products remains a tragedy and disgrace that not only has endangered our population, but also future generations.

The FDA has failed to act on the matter notwithstanding an enormous amount of clinical and scientific evidence. My data base alone reflects over 1,400 victims.

I admire the courage of Hawaii lawmakers in tackling this issue despite the inevitable corporate and political pressures to ignore it.

Hawaii lawmakers, should they pass this proposal this legislative session, are essentially pioneering the correction of a major public health problem for the entire country... and the world.

H. J. Roberts, M.D., FACP, FCCP is from West Palm Beach, Florida


Anonymous said...


However well meaning this story is, what you report about Bill Richardson and the contribution is just not correct! You have been given some misinformation or perhaps misinterpreted some. Richardson accepted a $10,000 contribution in his gubernatorial campaign from Altria Corporate Services, the parent name for Kraft/Philip Morris, not Ajinomoto (this is the correct spelling). Betty Martini, bless her heart and brave soul, called on him numerous times as did I to redonate the $10,000 to New Mexico victims of aspartame poisoning. These requests were absolutely completely ignored; his campaign staff even joked about how Betty would send a new email every three minutes(which was not true at all)!

In fact, Altria and Ajinomoto hired several close friends of his as lobbyists, and before this he had cautiously encouraged the state conducting hearings in the Environmental Improvement Board on Aspartame, and after those lobbyists "went to work," his support became unclear and the EIB caved in, canceled the hearings, after Ajinomoto threatened them with a lawsuit!

I only pray that whoever it is, President Obama et. al., will appoint a strong consumer protection FDA Commissioner in November; not much chance of Hillary and Bill doing such an appointment, given their massive and ongoing support and ties to MONSANTO, the most evil and insidious of American food producing corporations. They were behind the scenes in the demise of both the House and Senate Bills in Honolulu. I will be sending you more in the future, after I get a chance to analyze what really happened. Keep up the great work!

We would certainly like to find some more legislative accomplices who might help bring about bills to ban aspartame in 10 states! Then even Mr. Corporate Power himself, FDA Director Von Eschenbach, would comprehend how he should have rescinded FDA approval for Aspartame 2 years ago when he was first asked to do so by 21 New Mexico Legislators who signed a letter to that effect.

After November, he will be out the door, and we must lean on Obama now to at least recognize how important Consumer Protection overhaul really is!!!!

Stephen Fox
Managing Editor, Santa Fe News Sun

Anonymous said...

P.S. Furthermore, I am not certain that the bill to ban aspartame in Manila actually was passed and signed into law. Perhaps you guys could telephone the Senator who introduced it and find out once and for all if it passed and was enacted.