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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Help for those of us who are attacked

Natural health care professionals are attacked in various ways, and have been over more than a century. The core issue is control.

Many doctors and others who are 'licensed' often are the main group attacked or subjected to abuses by licensing agencies and propaganda mills in efforts to discredit the work we do, and THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE BENEFITS OF NATURAL HEALTH CARE.

One long time advocate against these unfounded attacks by bureaucrats with no knowledge of the field is Tim Bolen.

Tim is back with some new information about Barrett and his ridiculous group of alleged "quackbusters".

What Tim has to say and the updates he offers is enlightening. His information may make you wake up to realize that the busters are the real quacks. The information they promulgate is not based in fact, yet they have some sort of reliability factor that always makes me scratch my head. I wonder how journalists and others can take them on face value as 'experts' with no further investigation.

The Bolen Report

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Ilena Rose said...

Had a good laugh watching 'anonymous' repeat a typical Quackwatch strategy ... attack, attack attack any of us who expose the insurance / pharma / chemical industries "media' team.

For more on Barrett and his attack team ... which coincides with the Vaccination & anti-alternative, anti-MCS sufferers on the internet ... who for 7 years called themselves the "snake-oil" team ... please visit:
See Barrett and Baratz and
Health Lover