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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

More about risky drugs and Osteoporosis

UPDATE: 9/10/11
Another new article points to the insanity of the FDA's process of approving drugs that take so long to report data about the risk to bone health.  The other odd consideration is the lack of attention to how to properly label problematic drugs and how to determine just how long someone would take a risky Rx.
FDA advisers wary of time limit on bone drugs

From 9/6/11
Today it was announced that Blythe Danner, actress and mother of Gwyneth Paltrow, has osteoporosis. 

The article states "In order to spread awareness about osteoporosis, Danner is helping launch, an informational Web site on fracture risk jointly sponsored by Amgen, American Bone Health, the Global Healthy Living Foundation, and the Older Women’s League."

This is of course another celebrity pushing drugs and avoiding any discussion of what natural remedies are available to help prevent and treat bone loss. Fluoride based drugs with many serious adverse reactions are the cornerstone along with low level dosing of vitamin D, calcium, and kale chips which are in fact quite good.

Nothing is referenced about the problems with calcium about the form and utilization as well as the need for a full complement of nutrients to keep bones strong and healthy.

No mention of herbs, no mention of homeopathy, no mention of many good natural approaches.
Read complete article

Also consider this - 

Thursday September 01, 2011
Reclast Gets FDA Kidney Failure Warning 
The osteoporosis drug zoledronic acid (Reclast) should not be used in patients with significant renal impairment, and physicians should screen patients for kidney dysfunction before starting them on the drug, the FDA said.

Look to Health Forensics for more information 

Selections from Natural Health News

Aug 16, 2009
Osteoporosis involves the thinning of bones, and if some measures are not taken, it can lead to excruciating pain accompanied by fractures and forms of disability. For treatment, one should take proper intake of ...
Aug 12, 2009
FDA staff has expressed concerns that denosumab, the investigational biologic drug for osteoporosis, may increase risk of serious infections through its activity against an important immune system modulator. ...
Jun 05, 2006
more than just osteoporosis - Further down in this post you will find this paragraph:"Oncologist Julie Gralow, M.D., of the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle said that women should ...
Oct 02, 2009
The first case of osteosarcoma associated with Forteo use was published in the Journal of Bone Mineral Research in 2007 (JBMR vol. 22, p. 334), and a second case was published on-line in Osteoporosis International on the ...


News Updates said...

Useful post!! Hope no one gets affected by these kinds of diseases. There should be alternative drugs found for these diseases.

fosamax lawsuit said...

Based on the articles that I've read online, certain osteoporosis drugs were being recalled because of the fracture that they cause.