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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Immune Supression for Osteoporosis?

UPDATE: August 25 - Feedback on bisphosphonate drugs which contain fluoride, crumbling bones right before your eyes.
I am a femur-fracture survivor...bilateral. The right leg broke in March, the left one in July, 2009. I also suffered a compression fracture at L1 in May.

I was given Fosamax 10 years ago as a preventive measure. Now I am worse than I would have been 20 years down the road. I cannot begin to tell you that there are women breaking a leg everyday! And they do not know why. It was through the fact, that the orthopaedic doctor who took my emergency case on the first leg, had just received some information about the bilateral fractures. If you held my x-ray up against several other womens, you could not tell us apart!

I hope you continue to write and correspond about this important subject. My life has been taken away from me in a way that I never dreamed would happen.


These two articles arrived this morning in the same newsletter. I thought it interesting because I had just posted on saturated fat and mentioned how it is necessary to help make Vitamin D work.

Then there's the article about Vitamin D that arrived earlier in the day. There must be a message here.

Of course this is madness to me because there is no consideration of what natural approaches might be more effective and less expensive that a drug that the FDA now is worried about it suppressing immunity.

There's weight bearing exercise, even if you have to so it sitting. And there's Vitamin K, another fat soluble vitamin. Nettle can help too because it is a very potent cytokine reducer (what the TNF drugs do) without suppressing your immune system.

This drug is very much like the Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs, RA is often connected to wheat, gluten and gliaden allergy. Perhaps a RAST test might be a better place to start.
FDA Questions Denosumab Safety in Advisory Meeting Documents
FDA staff has expressed concerns that denosumab, the investigational biologic drug for osteoporosis, may increase risk of serious infections through its activity against an important immune system modulator. The agency believes the drug --... full story

Denosumab a Winner in Phase III Osteoporosis Trials
An investigational biologic drug for osteoporosis increased bone density and reduced fractures in men and women in two placebo-controlled trials. Three years of treatment with denosumab reduced radiographic spine fractures more than two-thirds in the... full story

Related to the issue of osteoporosis and immune suppression is this information about fluoride based antibiotics. These drugs also increase risk of tendon rupture, interfere with proper thyroid function, as well as encourage brittle and weaker bones.

Wide Use of Fluoroquinolones Raises Fear of TB Resistance
The widespread use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics may be creating strains of tuberculosis resistant to the drugs, researchers said. Patients with more than 10 days of fluoroquinolone exposure before a TB diagnosis were seven times more likely to have... full story

There's also something here that might explain why mainstream medicine might not be offering you the best care.

Read a review here

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