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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thinking of Food: Overeating Tip

Since it is once again the overeating season, I know many people face indigestion this coming week and over the next many weeks, concluding with that New Year's Day feast.

A sensible rule is to try an eat less, about 25% less than normal.

Eating till overly full makes your stomach and intestines work overtime, and done regularly can lead to a number of digestive and intestinal disorders.

If you start feeling uncomfortable and bloated you might think of my now grown daughters who used to go the the Ladie's Room to press their little tummies on the edge of a sink.  This seemed to be something they concocted so they could return to the dining room for more.

Growing up in a home that was always prepared to feed Cox's Army on holidays discomfort was common, albeit unspoken.

So what might you do?

Of course it is wise to pace your eating and try to remember to move away from the plate when you feel the slighest bit of fullness.  You can chew slowly and refrain from liquids while you are trying to down that turkey leg or just more stuffing and mashsed potatoes.

Try also to have a few digestive enzymes, some probiotics, and extra Betaine HCl on hand.  Even one teaspoon of raw, apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before you eat can help.  And then there is trusty, old baking soda if you have nothing else.

If this fails try this approach from Oriental Medicine - 

First, warm your hands by rubbing them together.  Then, in the direction of your larger intestine, starting at the lower right side of your abdomen, slowly massage your bellly, around and around, a few times until you feel relaxed and unbloated (10 minutes or so).

You can learn more here - STOMACH MASSAGE

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