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Friday, November 26, 2010

I Won't Play for Food

With so many articles posted on Natural Health News about food, Big AG, and disease promotion with altered and over processed food production, money mongering of Congressional members, and so much more, here's a reader who sends a little music to (en)lighten your mind....
I saw your website, and I really like what you're doing.  I thought you might appreciate this song I wrote, about the horrors of GMO foods, called, 'Smells Like Genocide...'  It is both humorous and cynical, as well as hard-hitting.  Enjoy.

Please feel absolutely free pass it along to anyone, or to use this song in any way that will help save our human race from destroying itself.  (I'm also currently trying to make a video for this tune, if you hear of anyone wishing to collaborate.)

Here's a link to where I have it posted:

Craig 'CMOR' Morrison

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