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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More on Low Cholesterol Dangers

Several years ago I started a thread about the risk of having too low levels of cholesterol, following on all of the work I had been trying to do over many years to educate people about the risk of cholesterol lowering drugs.

One sad situation is that of a friend who with his MS doctor agreed to using these drugs.  He ended up in a wheel chair.

It is just all hit or miss in prescribing these days.  More " miss", and probably why incoming House leader Boehner thinks we have the best health care in the world here in the US. Consistent ranking in the high 30s and 40s tells otherwise.  But I guess we aren't on the payola train like most members of Congress these days.

I happened to see this link so I thought I'd add it in to the 30+ posts on the low cholesterol and related "health matters" -

The Overlooked Health Risks of Very Low Cholesterol

Selected posts from Natural Health News
Natural Health News: Low Cholesterol Risks
Nov 13, 2008
While most hear about how high cholesterol is so bad and how many risky drugs you need, often you don't hear that low cholesterol can impair your immune function or defer review of other more risky markers. Triglycerides included.
Feb 23, 2008
Some studies have linked low cholesterol levels to higher death rates from cancer in general, Dr. Kouichi Asano, of Kyushu University, Fukuoka, and colleagues explain in the International Journal of Cancer. "With respect to gastric ...
Dec 23, 2008
This new study, with a reasonable sample size, unlike most studies I review, raises concern over low cholesterol levels. As someone who has been a skeptic on the cholesterol drug mania for so very many years I am pleased to see this ...
Aug 21, 2008
But wait a minute, even if this were true, how about if lower levels of cholesterol actually increased our risk of other important conditions? Might an increased risk of, say, cancer, offset any apparent advantages of low cholesterol ...

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