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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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European medical science has made a revolutionary breakthrough that has been demonstrated to reverse liver cancer and other normally fatal cancers.  This treatment costs 2 cents per day. Using this method, it is easily possible to destroy cancer cells, while at the same time invigorating and renewing healthy cells.  The result is abundant energy and well-being.  Why has this information not become common public knowledge?  The FDA is funded by the pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma) and profits are at stake.  Health care is a multi trillion dollar per year industry, and Big Pharma does not want a cure.  A cure would cripple the industry, making many of their expensive treatments and drugs obsolete.
What does mainstream medicine have to offer?  Radiation, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Chemoembolization, Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy, Stereotactic radiosurgery, Transplantation etc.  In plain English, that’s “cut, burn & poison”.  Over forty years ago, the medical establishment had 3 recognized treatments for cancer:  cut, burn & poison.  We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?  Cancer research has gobbled up billions of dollars, and the results have been pathetic.  Throughout this campaign, pharmaceutical companies have amassed enormous profits.  For them, the status quo (expensive treatments, no cure) is the perfect situation.
There are at least 5 effective and safe liver cancer cures.
In 1952, Dr Ernst T Krebs Jr., a San Francisco biochemist, developed the theory that cancer is merely a deficiency disease.  A chronic disease can be defined as one which does not terminate of its own accord.  A metabolic disease is a disease which arises within the body, and is not contagious.  Cancer is defined as a chronic, metabolic disease.  Dr. Krebs pointed out that in the history of medicine, there has not been a single chronic metabolic disease that was ever cured or prevented by drugs.
There was a time in history when it was believed that a panacea existed … a substance that could heal all cancers.  Many may scoff at this notion.  But is it really far-fetched?  There are remarkable, scientifically proven, natural remedies that create an environment within the body where disease cannot exist. At first glance you may seriously doubt this statement. But consider this:  millions of people doubted Einstein and his theory of relativity.  Columbus was attacked for believing the earth was round.  Bruno was burned at the stake for claiming the earth was not the centre of the universe.  Galileo was imprisoned for teaching that the earth moved around the sun.  Even the Wright Brothers were ridiculed for believing that a machine could fly.
Dr. William Harvey was disgraced as a physician for believing that blood was pumped by the heart through arteries.  Dr. Ingot Semmelweis was fired from his job at the Vienna hospital for requiring his maternity staff to wash their hands.  Over 1,000,000 sailors died from scurvy, even though the cure was known and recorded, but because of scientific arrogance, it took over 200 years to be accepted.
Only a generation ago, large portions of the American southeast were ravaged by an epidemic of Pellagra, a disease thought (at the time) to be caused by an unknown virus.  Back in 1914, Dr. Joseph Goldberger had already proven Pellagra to be a vitamin B deficiency.  But Dr. Goldberger’s simplistic approach to pellagra was not acceptable to physicians and politicians.  Throughout human history, truth has been suppressed.
The politics of a cancer cure is far more complicated than the science of a Cancer Cure.

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