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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Question Regarding Lithium

During the past 24 hours a Natural Health News reader was searching for information about the use of lithium and any connection it may have with Alzheimer's Disease.

Lithium is often used in mental health for people with the alleged diagnosis of Bipolar dis-order or also referred to as manic-depressive illness.

Using lithium has some serious side effects to consider, the major one leading to severe thyroid problems. Regular blood testing is required. Lithium toxicity is a risk as is retention with diuretic use or kidney function issues.

Proper function of the thyroid is important in aging and memory issues. I have mentioned many times that in the past those physicians who were well educated about aging and dementia routinely prescribed vitamin B12 shots and natural thyroid.  Dementia was very infrequent during this time, about 40-60 years ago.  Some more informed physicians today are returning to this protocol.

Acute Lithium Intoxification

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