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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wear Red for Your Heart

Here's a compilation of articles we've posted on Heart Month and Heart Health and some good links.

It seems as if little has changed in the way mainstream medicine looks at heart health concerns, especially for women, so hopefully our infomration will be put to good use.  I've listed some of the 100+ posts on Natural Health News relating to heart health.  Just use "search" to locate more.

I'm really happy to learn that a friend with congestive heart failure has had major improvement with the use of vitamin C and Hawthorne berry.  See more about Alli-C (our choice for garlic, a natural blood pressure reducer and blood thinner - order from us in the right column ), and consider contacting us for help with your health concerns.

Heart at risk in mammography

Selected articles from

Take good care of your heart, you'll be happy you did...

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