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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rx Drugs Killing more than Heroin or Cocaine

This is a very good commentary I received from my colleague, Dr. Phil Bate.  Perhaps now you'll realize that your good health is not the goal in today's maintream medicine.  Get in touch with our ASK plan for more help, naturally.
Records show clearly that prescription drugs are killing more people than Heroin or Cocaine every year.  Since oxycodone came on the scene, researchers looking over 7000 records from 1991 to 2004 found that deaths from opium derived prescription drugs had doubled in this period. 

The records also show that since the FCC allowed the TV ads for prescription drugs,drug deaths in the US have doubled.  We don't allow TV ads for whiskey, so why allow these.  They are very clever, and disguise the side effect warnings of death and destruction with pretty scenes of beautiful people having fun. Listen carefully to the next Big Pharma ad with your eyes closed, and it's a different message altogether.  Money talks.  I wonder who got it at the FCC.

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