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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Radiation and Your Health

For longtime readers of my work you reacll that I have had an active campaign to call your attention to the riskes and hazards of exposure to medical radiation, especially as it pertains to screening mammograms.

Mammograms greatly increase your risk of breast cancer and it is uncalled for when there are better and safer screening methods.  This is because all radiation exposure is cumulative and it is well known in the radiology community.

Radiotherapy for breast cancer also can cause congestive heart failure and thyroid dysfunction as well as other cancers.

Radiation in war zones will also cause sever problems for our military serving in the current political un-war, and those who call Iraq and other careas home.

Currently there is a medical effort to reduce radiation dosages in x-ray screening for children and hopefully others.  But remember that this effort was initiated by John Gofman, PhD, MD many decades ago.

Now mainstream media seems to be catching on too.

Will you?

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