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Monday, January 26, 2009

What money buys

Perhaps Pfizer growth is not best for your health -

US drug maker Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical firm, is to buy rival Wyeth in a deal worth $68bn (£50bn), the two companies have announced.

At the same time it announces at least 240 layoffs.

Its third quarter earnings show total revenues of 12 billion.

Pfizer manufactures Lipitor and Viagra. One-fourth of its profits come from Lipitor, but patent protection will be disappearing soon.

Legal settlements have shown that the firm needs to protect itself from downturn and losses.

However, Pfizer has infiltrated the natural health market place (and supplement companies) through many subsidiaries, placing key corporate personnel in these related venues.


Anna's Spot said...

Thanks for your info on Pfizer. I will check out the supplements they are making and make sure I don't buy them. Have a beautiful day.

Unknown said...

Some of the concerns are that a Pfizer subsidiary manufactures capsules and gel-caps. It is rather pervasive.