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Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Consumer with Common Sense

I found this comment on a web site addressing the problems associated with a diabetes drug, Avandia, known to cause cardiovascular health problems.

The information in the comment is so very important that I am posting it here for all to see and share with others.

Thank you John Payne, whoever you are and where ever you are.
May 29, 2007

If it were not such a serious health situation, I would be amused at the time and money that is spent on research into cardio-vascular disease and related syndromes.

The answer to all and I mean all of the syndrome X afflictions is very simple. But because doctors and drug companies cannot patent it, the information has received little public exposure despite the fact that a U.S. patent was issued for it and one of the developers of the process was a double Nobel prize winner.

I refer of course to Linus Pauling and his documented research in to the use of Vitamin C, L lysine and L proline as a cure for arteriosclerosis etc.

I am living proof that it works: 6 GMS of each item per day split into two doses, once in am and again 12 hours later. It works, and it is sad to think that because nobody can now patent the process or make any money from the research, etc., that millions of people will die, without knowing the answer is already available. I challenge you to post the information after you have verified of course and I shall watch to see if you really are worth reading.

John Payne

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