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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reader Comments

From time to time I like to add reader comments to posts rather than to the comments section.

Several people have taken the time to send their comments and these few seem to have read Dr. Dean's 2006 article I have posted below.

I'd also like to add that because of this effort on my part, having been on the net as a health care professional, health educator and health freedom advocate since 1991, some frivolous attacks have also been submitted.

Ad hominem attacks are like those that go with elective office, something I was involved in for about seven years, so my skin is pretty thick. The difference for me is that I do very in depth fact checking before I comment on another person, and I don't make a lot of noise that would limit that person's right of free speech.

Christine said
"Thanks so much publishing this fascinating article by Dr. Dean. The situation reminds me of Dr. Benjamin Rush's comments that we needed an amendment to the Bill of Rights guaranteeing medical freedom. Dr. Rush said his colleagues would form an undercover dictatorship if we didn't have this amendment. How right he was."
Someone stating his name to be Jason thought I read another web site that throws a lot of stuff at visitors, however he was incorrect. He did say he was somewhat suspicious of that site. He also wanted to know about a product called peri-gum.

I'll add a new post on natural dental care to respond to his query.

This reader sent an anonymous comment that included some commercial links. Here is his comment without the commercial links, which are a violation of our policy.
Being in health insurance. This article is right on target. People's health insurance claims are usually denied if the claim is not coded properly. They blame the insurance company when it's usually the negligence of the doctor's office. Another pet peeve of mine, Dr's are charging insurance companies anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars to make photocopies of a patients medical records. LOL, photocopies that take a few minutes to produce and cost a few cents to make. And people wonder why health insurance premiums are so high.

The next anonymous reader said "The AMA is comprised of thieves who should be banned from practicing medicine in the USA."

And the next said "god bless amerika--lol", as another anonymous commenter.

So you can see we get several varieties of comments, but the insurance comment is quite relevant.

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