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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Natural Lesson for Hyperhydrosis

A fellow who works for Oprah as a producer asked Dr. Oz about his sweaty palms today. I was holding my breath that Mehmet just might have offered up a natural and effective treatment that is effective and inexpensive. He didn't.

I was pleased that he opted against the sympathectomy, which he gave as the last option of the three he suggested, including Botox.

And of course there are problems with Botox and the surgery.

I was surprised that he failed to suggest acupuncture which would be a good approach for re-balancing the sympathetic arm of the autonomic nervous system, or a very effective herbal treatment.

It was good that he mentions thyroid and pancreas concerns because these can be involved.

He didn't mention the nutritional approach that re-balances your biochemistry. He did offer that reducing coffee was important. Coffee's caffeine adds stress to the adrenals glands, so add more vitamin B and C throughout each day (these two vitamins help support the adrenal glands).

Naturally speaking, Siberian Ginseng is an effective approach to this problem. We use only properly prepared liquid herbal extracts for the best clinical results.

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