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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Antibiotics and Liver Failure

DILI is an acronym for "Drug Induced Liver Injury". Most people associate liver injury with acetaminophen or ibuprofen and a few other drugs (such as cholesterol lowering ones for example). Disclosing that antibiotics are known to induce liver injury is welcome. It would be better if Big Pharma and mainstream medicine would disclose the risk of liver injury from any drug but that's not a likely thing.

After all it might mean that the FDA would have to recall all drugs, because if you read the drug data you find most have a negative effect on the liver.

And for those who want to jump on the reference to nutritional supplements and herbals mentioned in the article, remember that their statistics show the connection to body building and weight loss products.

Antibiotics: Single Largest Class Of Drugs Causing Liver Injury

ScienceDaily (2008-12-08) -- Antibiotics are the single largest class of agents that cause idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury, reports a new study in Gastroenterology. DILI is the most common cause of death from acute liver failure and accounts for approximately 13 percent of cases of acute liver failure in the US. It is caused by a wide variety of prescription and nonprescription medications, nutritional supplements and herbals. ... > read full article

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