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Saturday, April 30, 2011


UPDATE: 30 April -  

Pro golfer targets diabetes

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Professional golfer Notah Begay III is fighting the growing problem of diabetes among Native-American youth, saying the disease could ultimately cost tribes their future leaders if nothing is done.
Begay took his wellness message to the airwaves Friday during the national Native America Calling radio program and in a television show that was broadcast via satellite to students in nearly 200 schools across Indian Country.
Part Navajo and part pueblo Indian, the 38-year-old golfer said diabetes has become an epidemic among his people but he wants people to know it's a disease that can be prevented.
"We're in a fight, literally, to save our kids' lives," he told The Associated Press in an interview. "The reassuring thing about this entire thing is that this is a fight we can win, but it's not going to come without some monumental change."
Native Americans are more than twice as likely to have diabetes compared with other groups, and they are three times more likely to die from the disease, according to the Indian Health Service.  Complete Article

27 FEBRUARY - This event began 14 February, 2011.  Walkers on both the northern and southern routes will reach Washington DC by July 8, 2011.  Support and encourage themas they walk through your community.

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