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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What it is really about: Issues in Health Care

Yesterday I noticed an article tying asthma inhalers to prostate cancer.  It made me think of a fellow I know who is dealing with both. Yes, he was a stress smoker.  What's worse is that he's fought repeated bouts of pneumonia over the past year or so, and been in the hospital several times.  I just wonder if the allopaths treating him have ever taken a look at the increased risk of pneumonia associated with the SNRI drug they gave him several years ago fore stress.  Surely this is a good example, while not his complete story, of the politics of health and how it increases cost, while seemingly lacking benefit.

Now comes this article - Cancer is the world's costliest disease

No wonder! Cancer is an industry. And just like any corporation it has to do what ever it can to protect the bottom line; survivors are coincidental.

Then this morning I was perusing my twitter account during the small allotment of minutes I allow.  I found this gem and a new follower, with ease via a retweet from another health watcher. 
Truth is that the politics of health care has been driving up costs for multiple decades, not just because of breast cancer, but it is a major driving cost center.  One with little done in the way of prevention and education, but then this kind of approach, from the heart of public health, fails the corporate bottom line in PhRMA and Big Insurance.
Change is up to you.  Engaging in prevention is up to you.  Demanding answers to your questions is up to you as is advocating for your own best health.  And access to natural care approaches for cancer care should not be withheld!
Certainly if you are a follower of Natural Health News you know we take a different view of Pink Cause marketing, Races for the "Cure", and the continual promotion of breast-cancer-causing mammography.  Just use our search function to learn why.  

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