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Monday, August 23, 2010

Compartment Syndrome Conundrum

19 Oregon Football Players Hit With 'Very Weird' Illness, McMinnville

Back in 2004 I was working on a project for a fellow I now refer to as one of the "Pirates of Pullman".  The 'Pirate' title I apply to scam artists, which he turned out to be, and of course 'Pullman' refers to an Inland Empire sports spot known as WSU (Go Cougs!). In all this 'Pirate' grew by leaps and bounds and eventually became a group, hence the "tag".  The story is really quite astonishing!
The project was my creating of a nutritional formula specifically to off set the development of compartment syndrome for MOTO racers.  The first test pirate is now a sales rep for Merck based in Anchorage.  He is a sort of MOTO racer who asked if I could make him something to prevent arm pump.

That day I did, he tested it, and low and behold my supplement came into being.

The formula started out as Leaflady's Formula One while in development and as it moved to manufacturing.  Under the license that resulted in de-licensing to the pirates 3, in 2007, it was marketed as PUMP-X, however it was not the complete original formula.  And the pirates failed to pay my organization all of the money it owed, enlisting Pullman's bad boy, son-of-a-car-dealer Kelly Brown, as their attorney.

Of course by that time the trio was down to a duo, one Brian Edwards - now a driver licensing rep, and Paul Zimmerman - on the pest patrol in Walla Walla, made up a great story to sway Brown into their scheme.  However, when the facts came out, Brown was foisting their lie on the system, and it failed.  Of course no one followed through on the numerous false claims the pirates made, and because of politics they dodged felony charges. (BTW attorneys are supposed to verify what clients tell them, and not make false claims). 

Then the duo had stolen my drink recipe and it was being sold in the UK.  I had to send out my forces in Europe to get that under control, but it does tell you just how good my formula works.

Over time climbers used it and loved it ( and since I spent some years as a climber -see Project Pelion - I was happy  for this.  Ski-Machine racers, musicians, and other xtreme sports enthusiasts and pros alike really backed the product "because it works".

Yes it does, and one of the related research reviews I did in R & D was on 'compartment syndrome'.

I learned too that my formula is very helpful for fatigue so we offered it for shipping only to vets and active military.

Many people with Fibromyalgia find it extremely helpful for muscle health and sleep.

People with orthopedic injuries find it helps them heal, and other with diabetes find it helps them balance their blood sugar.

This is just what people tell us about how they have benefited from ADVENTURx.

And it goes with our organic herbal energy tea blend, herbalYODA's sportZtea very well.

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