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Monday, July 19, 2010

Cancer Comment

One year ago today my mother died, but no one has taken the time to tell me what was the cause.  Last October my niece died, but in her case the cause was glioma.  My youngest daughter works with a foundation in Washington state that raises money for brain cancer research at Dana Farber.

I am very familiar with the drugs forced on my mother, whose status was controlled by my younger brother.  It is his eldest daughter who died in her early 30s.  He's an insurance salesman from Vermont who refused to get the second opinion I requested.  I am sure though that toxicity and liver function were issues for my mother as well as having to suffer serious consequences from being over medicated on a list of drugs she really did not need.

I don't know about what drugs my niece was taking but the same concern is in her situation as well.  We know that chemo drugs severely deplete essential nutrients required for body function.  We know that most often the schedule of chemo and or radiation followed in mainstream medicine can overload the system to the point that it becomes unable to defend itself.  And for the most part mainstream medicine does not allow for better timing and detoxification while providing critical nutritional support.

And there seems to be ever so little focus on prevention.

Watch your WIFI, mobiles, and diet soda laden with aspartame or splenda and skip the microwave cooking.

Thanks to the person who posted this comment on a site where my brother tells how he was wowed by the system that really is moving along the wrong runway.

History has taught us that looking for cures for disease is not always medically nor economically effective. President Nixon's "War on Cancer" is a great example of the unproductive nature of this approach. In 1971, he signed the National Cancer Act legislating $1.6 billion expenditure to find a cure for cancer. That year, 335,000 Americans died of cancer. In 2008, 37 years later, this number has increased to 565,650 people — up by 69%!

Since 1971, the Federal Government, private foundations and companies have spent around $200 billion in a quest to cure cancer. This $200 billion generated 1.5 million scientific papers about the basic biology of cancer. For 37 years, the War on Cancer (the majority of the funding for cancer) has gone into research to eradicate malignant cells rather than to keep normal cells from becoming malignant in the first place.

The best way for prevention is to adopt a healthier way of eating and enjoying nutrient-rich foods, which have been found to contain many potent disease-fighting compounds that help prevent disease. Americans need to learn that the drugs used to treat today's chronic preventable diseases not only do not cure them, but would be rendered largely unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how rough the past year has been for you, not one loved one, but two gone. I am glad you are doing this work to educate as many people as you can so they may make an informed choice if faced in a similar situation. From reading your past topics I already did away with my microwave, the wireless router, stopped cooking in teflon coated pots and the last hurdle to jump over is the Dect cordless phone, I need to get rid of that. If it wasn't for reading this blog I probably would not have made those changes. The funniest thing is you can live without it. I have not missed any of those things since removing them from my life. A million thank yous and keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comments! I am very pleased that you have made healthier choices in your life; you will notice the difference.

I'll keep education as long as I am able.

Your words are well taken.