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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Asparagus, an olde cancer-fighting remedy

This morning a visitor to Natural Health News seemed to be trying to locate a 2009 report from CNN about asparagus and cancer.

For many years this information has been on the Cancer pages at

The information always seemed to be better to use canned asparagus and puree it, then to eat 2 tablespoons daily.

Other information states that asparagus are high in glutathione which boosts your immune system's health.
  • Asparagus Extract well known as a Cancer Preventative Agent
  • A detoxifying agent extracted from Organic Whole Plant Asparagus
  • Excellent source of folic acid helps maintain healthy homocysteine levels, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke
  • Strengthen the Immunity, Reduces the risk of Hypertension
  • An excellent Diuretic Agent, cleanse the Kidney, Liver, and promote functions of the Spleen
  • Improving immunity, digest functions and destroying abnormal cells
  • Excellent for women who desire to become pregnant or are pregnant.
  • Help prevent neural tube defects
  • Decreases renal glomerulus re-absorption and increases kidney function.
Asparagus Extract well known for its function as a cancer preventative agent, Asparagus contains high levels of selenium, which enhances the activity of glutathione peroxidase, one of the three most important enzymes associated in the removal of the body's dangerous free radicals. Chi's Enterprise , Inc. uses organically grown whole plants, including the roots, to offer a special concentrate prepared from the whole plants, including the roots to offer a special concentrate prepared from the whole plant of Asparagus Officinalis linn, containing Asparagosides, Asparaginase, organic folic acid, glutathione, selenium, zinc, asparamide, histone and more. This product is an excellent diuretic agent that cleanses the kidney liver and strengthens the immunity functions of the spleen.

Benefits of Asparagus Extract: Asparagus Extract contains Asparagoside

In 1983, Stirpe discovered that Asparagoside is able to restrict DNA synthesis and the translation of proteins and inhibit adenocarcinoma. Gorgann, in 1984, revealed that Asparagoside is effective in reducing breast, pancreatic, and cervical cancer on mice. In 1985, Sati used Asparagoside to reduce JTC-26 (human cervical cancer cell) and P-388 (leukaemia cell) in mice.
Asparagus Extract doubles the activity of IL-2 for healthy humans and, more importantly, cancer patients.
In a clinical study on 40 lung cancer patients, the individuals were given 3 packets of Asparagus Extract daily for 2 months. 16 experienced an increase in appetite while 8 patients observed an increase in their weight. In another study, 30 esophageal cancer patients took Asparagus Extract for 2 months. 24 increased their ability to consume foods and relieve pain. 18 noticed an increase in body weight.

Asparagus Extract contains Asparaginase
Asparaginase is an enzyme used to treat some forms of cancer in the blood. The USP Drug information book (1998 edition, p.3213 and 3215) lists asparaginase as treatment for acute lymphocytic, leukaemia, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, acute myelomonocytic leukaemia, acute myelocytic leukaemia (AML), Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. In order for cells to grow, they need a chemical called aspargine – an amino acid synthesised from aspartic acid. Cancer cells cannot produce their own asparagines, so they rely on the normal cells to live.
Asparaginase, however, breaks down asparagines in the body, thereby inhibiting unwanted cell growth.

Asparagus Extract contains highest organic folic acid

Folate is crucial for normal DNA methylation, synthesis, and repair. Deficiency of this nutrition is hypothesized to lead to cancer through disruption of these processes. There is some evidence to suggest that relatively high dietary folate intake might be associated with reduced colorectal cancer risk, especially among individuals with low methionine intake. Folate intake may be inversely related to the risk if colorectal cancer, as noted by a case-control study out of Italy .

Folacin which is necessary for blood cell formation, growth, and prevention of liver disease. Folacin has been shown to play a significant role in the prevention of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, that cause paralysis and death in 2,500 babies each year.
Asparagus Extract contains Glutathione
Clinical studies have found intravenous GSH administered just prior to chemotherapy reduces the side effects, increases tolerability and may actually improve efficacy. In particular, it has been found to have effects on advanced ovarian carcinoma and colorectal cancer.

Asparagus Extract increases Interleukin-2

The effectiveness of Asparagus Extract in improving the rates of peripheral blood lymphocyte mitosis was illustrated when both Asparagus Extract and IL-2 were given to mice. The results revealed that the activity of the IL-2 was doubled due to the addition of the Asparagus Extract. The researchers then discovered that this situation not only occurred in mice but also in healthy humans and, more importantly, in cancer patients.
Experiments were conducted on 400 tumor patients who had already undergone radiation and chemotherapy treatment and had extremely low immunity levels. After taking Asparagus Extract twice a day for 2-3 months, the statistics verified an increase in immunity modulation activity and augmented T-cell activity, with enhanced immune-pharmacological functions. Asparagus Extract is excellent for long-term use, as reported by Dr. McCain of Mountain View , Arkansas , Dr. R. Devgan of La Jolla , California , and Hana Krueger, of Boulder , Colorado .
T Baroody, DC from NC, in his book Asparagus Can Do It For You quotes: “Asparagus should be taken by everyone for a number of reasons the two best being heart balance and cancer prevention. Among other things this tasty vegetable supplies is its extremely high alkaline forming property that is very beneficial to overall health. I test for 175 primary deficiencies in my patients and asparagus can strengthen and supply every one of these imbalances at one time or another.”


Asparagus Extract is an excellent natural source of folic acid among other nutrients. 1.5 bags (5gm/bag of granules) or 6 capsules of Asparagus Extract provide more than the 400 of folic acid required by the FDA for daily consumption. Studies have shown that taking at least this much folic acid can help lower homocysteine levels. Too much homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood, can cause cardiovascular disease and stroke. In one study in China , patients took Asparagus Extract (2-3 packs) for 1 month
And their serum folic acid increased by 37%. Four months later, the patients' homocysteine levels reduced by 28%.
Case of Studies:
C.M. a 60 year-old male from CA, used Dyaside and Atonal for his hypertension. His blood pressure was 135/90. He added Hypertine, Vein Lite, and Asparagus Extract. His blood pressure dropped to 128/68 in one week. His physician promptly reduced his medication
M. McCain , ND from the Herbal Healer Academy of AR, had excellent reports on patients using Asparagus Extract. One patient was in total kidney failure and facing dialysis. After taking Asparagus Extract for 2 days, he began to urinate. Within 3 weeks, he had total kidney function.
Kidney Chi and Asparagus Extract for Kidney Stones
Some kidney stones exist in alkaline conditions (pH over 7.3). If we can correct the urine pH to less than 7 then not only will the kidney stones not form but they also will have a chance to dissolve. Kidney Chi has this ability to correct the urine pH to a slightly acidic condition. Kidney Chi is able to dissolve kidney stones or bladder stones less than 7mm in size, allowing them to pass through the urinary tract within 3 months.
In addition to its ability to adjust the urine pH, Kidney Chi's anti-bacterial property makes it an ideal therapy for struvite kidney stones.
Asparagus Extract Case Reports
One study on 6512 patients with various urinary system conditions, Kidney Chi was 62.44% effective on those with kidney stones.
1. T.Davis, ND from OH, reports on 41 year old male patient who had kidney stones, could not urinate and was in a lot of pain. He took Kidney Chi and Asparagus Extract and was able to urinate within 8 hours and is pain disappeared. He stayed on the products for 4 months to prevent the return of the kidney stones.
2. I.F., a nurse from NY, relates the case of a 59 year old male with a 1.2cm³ kidney stone. After taking Kidney Chi (2 capsules, 3 times daily) for about 5 months, the stone reduced to 0.6cm³.
3. J.S. a 50-year-old male from CA had 8mm kidney stones and was preparing for laser surgery. He started taking Kidney Chi and Asparagus Extract. Just 3 days later, 2 stones came out. When he went for his surgery appointment, no stone was found, only dissolved particles.
4. M.S., a 55 year old male from NY, had 4mm kidney stones. Because of that, he also had a frequent urination problem. It was so bad that drinking just 250ml of liquid in the morning would cause him to go to the bathroom 4 times within 5 hours. After using kidney Chi for 2 years, his kidney stones have cleared and frequent urination problem is gone. Now he can drink 1litre of liquid in the morning and only need to go to the bathroom twice.
5. A.J., a 68 year old female from NY, had kidney stones. After using Kidney Chi and Asparagus Extract for 6 months, all her kidney stones were dissolved and cleared.

Asparagus Extract For Chronic Renal Failure

Asparagus Extract is a diuretic agent that helps improve creatinine levels. It reduces renal glomerulus re-absorption and improves kidney function. It should be noted that those with gout should not take Asparagus Extract as it may increase uric acid.
Asparagus Extract Success Stories:
1. M. McCain , ND from AR, had excellent reports on patients using Asparagus Extract:
  • Another patient had been on dialysis for 10 weeks. After using Asparagus Extract, he began to have kidney function again.
  • A 70 year old male patient who suffered from a degenerating kidney condition, which made urination almost impossible. She suggested that he try Asparagus Extract. There was a noticeable difference the very next morning. He began urinating and within 3 weeks, he fully recovered his kidney function.
  • Another patient wrote to her: “About a month ago, my gynaecologist advised me that I needed a partial hysterectomy due to Adenomyosis. I had been suffering with lower back pain for over a year. My family physician had ordered… lots of medications along the way. I still got very little relief… you suggested a cup of warm Asparagus tea… You felt a lot of doctors were not connecting back pain with toxic kidneys… after only a little over 2 weeks on the tea, I am now pain free. Thank you!
2. M.Zesiewicz, MD from CO, reports on a 55 year old male patient who was ready for dialysis. Instead he started drinking Asparagus Extract tea. After six months, his kidney function improved and he did not need dialysis anymore.
3. C.Stanley, ND from AZ, reported on a patient who had a serum creatinine level of 2.8 that dropped to 1.8 after taking Asparagus Extract for 2 to 3 months.
4. P.Gonzalez, ND from TX, has a patient with kidney failure and who has been on dialysis for 2 years. After 6 weeks on Asparagus Extract, Bathdetox and MIT, she no longer needed dialysis.

My favorite food nutrition information site tells you more about asparagus
I found an iReport submission about this topic on CNN.


Anonymous said...

Sirs: I'm confused. If asparagus extract[asparagenase] destroys aspargine thus removing the cancers natural food source does it also eliminate asparagus soups effectiveness against cancer? In other words can you eat asparagus and asparagus extract at the same time? Also is either one of them effective against prostate cancer? Thanks.joe boyd []

Unknown said...

Asparagus is a well established anti-cancer food. As such adding it to your diet is a good thing to consider. Generally it is canned asparagus that you want to get, puree this in a blender; the suggestion is usually to eat two heaping tablespoons every day.

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Unknown said...

Usually canned asparagus is fine, puree it in a blender.