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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aspartame: Still Harming Pregnant Women

EU-funded research has found that pregnant women who drink just one can of fizzy drinks containing artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, have a 37% higher risk of having a premature birth. Routinely drinking 4 or more cans a day of this could increase the risk by up to 78%.

Research by Dr. Thorhallur Ingl Halldorsson who studied 60,000 women, found there is no increased risk from sugar sweetened drinks.

They suggest exposure to methanol, which is in some artificial sweeeteners, may play a part in bringing forward the births. Methanol is said by critics to be a nerve toxin, which can form formic acid in the body. It can also lead to formaldhyde, the chemical used to preserve dead bodies. Historically, saccharine has also been identified as accumulating in the placenta.

Prof. Erik Millstone of Sussex Uni said "I would think it is prudent for pregnant women to diminish consumption of these drinks & possibly those foods containing artificial sweeteners."

Published in "American Society for Clinical Nutrition".
Some British public health experts are now advising pregnant mothers to avoid food and drink containing aspartame.
How a Public Relations Campaign Deceives the Public About Formaldehyde Poisoning From Aspartame

Natural Health News does not encourage or recommend Truvia, Zevia, Purvia or any sweetener containing erythritol or modified stevia (rebiana).  Note: Sugar alcohols may raise your blood sugar level too.

Safe sweeteners are Just Like Sugar and Stevia (see right hand column)

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