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Monday, June 07, 2010

Pet Peeve Rant

'Get on Board or Get Left Behind'is the subject of an email I just received, advertising CME for health professionals who are moving into a newer (although not always better) approach to mainstream medicine.

It is sort of the way I feel about the license-required medical naturopaths who ewant to control all of what is now referred to as Integrative, Complementary, or Alternative health care. And they want insurance reimbursement among other things which really serves no real purpose other than turning over your practice to Big Insurance and raising costs to "patients".

I just wonder where these people were decades ago when I was using my herbal, homeopathy, and natural medicine education while learning more in the medical field while becoming an RN and Nurse Practitioner.

They certainly put up a big defense that has just become larger as the years have gone by, and shown total disregard for others who were educated as NDs before the license-rs came along.

It would be so nice it everyone worked together and honored, respected, and supported ALL working for the best of patient care, rather than worry about who's in charge, or who's on first!

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