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Saturday, June 05, 2010

FDA and Avandia: Ethics Lacking

FDA-Sanctioned International Diabetes Drug Trial Is Unethical and Dangerous
“Surely no patient would willingly participate in a trial in which they have a substantial likelihood of taking a drug that, in the opinion of a large group of experts, has no role in present day therapeutics because of its risks,” Wolfe said. “The trial shouldn’t continue because the question has been answered. If the trial continues, the health of thousands of patients will be jeopardized. It is unethical to continue this trial. As unethical as it is in developed countries such as the U.S. and Canada, it is even more unconscionable to subject people in developing countries such as Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Latvia, Pakistan and India to a drug known to be more dangerous than the drugs it is being compared to.” 
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