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Friday, June 25, 2010

FTC - Hands Off on Your Supplements

The FTC will not get the authorization to control supplements. Thanks to everyone who contacted their member of Congress to oppose the Draconian addition to the finance bill.

from Natural Health News

House and Senate Ramming Through Secret Bill Add-Ons to Block ...

Apr 27, 2010
This language would give unelected FTC bureaucrats arbitrary authority to impose crippling requirements that will drive up the costs of supplements or remove them from the market entirely. More from LEF, 3 April - Here is a link to the ...

Contact Congress Now to Save Supplements

May 21, 2010
3217) passed the Senate without a controversial provision expanding the powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The bill now moves to a conference committee, where the House and Senate negotiate over the differences in their bills ...

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