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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pink Lids Marching

Now that we are once again in the Pink Pandemonium I would like to comment on a recent interview aired from Portland OR about the fact that the woman interviewed said there is no cure for breast cancer.

Well there is cure, and there is also prevention. All of this has been on the record for decades, and little attention is given to it because of the influence of the breast cancer industry.

How about reporting on the well known fact that mammogram promotes breast cancer and it increases the incidence when you promote the "Annual Screening Mammogram" to women who are 40 years old.

Why not report on Thermography, a non-carcinogenic screening system that detects earlier and even identifies very minute real tumours. Mammogram, on the other hand, can't detect tumours until they are about 8 years old. And if you recall, the problem of reading the x-ray was seriously lacking, leading to many false findings, so another machine was developed to re-read your x-ray (digital mammography).

Why not report on the damaging effects of chemo and radiation and the miserable statistics proving that chemo really cures about 1-2% of people.

The politics of this is that there won't be a cure until the "race racket" stops subsidizing paychecks for researchers. Maybe it should subsidize the families of women who die from breast cancer or provide accountability to women who have been conditioned to believe there will be a cure.

AP should start doing some real investigative coverage of this issue. I've done the research and I've been educating women for several decades on these topics.

I direct a 501c3 organization and I can't get General Mills/Kraft to donate to it for our educational efforts, like this blog for example, as they give only to Komen. Komen refuses to communicate with my office.

Maybe there is a hidden agenda, or more likely a political issue, that keeps everyday people in the dark, at the cost of many lives.

TV News Harmful to Health

John Gofman, PhD, MD
"His 1985 book X-rays: Health Effects of Common Exams, co-written with Egan O'Connor, stated that 75 percent of cancer cases are caused by medical radiation, including X-rays, mammograms and CT scans."

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