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Monday, September 14, 2009

Natural Health and Psoriasis

I'm listening to NPR and their story about psoriasis. Of course it is only medical, with the standard comment "there is no cure".

Because so little is known in medicine about this situation, there isn't any approach other than drugs and the new "biologicals" that severely suppress the immune system and can lead to cancer.

No mention is made of very helpful natural approaches to correcting this concern, including evaluation of food allergy, especially wheat gluten and gliaden.

Of course there is the psych referral...under the guise of "mind-body medicine" because as you know, everyone with a chronic health problem is depressed, and there are drugs for that.

Stories like this make me think about the high number of people I have helped over the years with psoriasis. In those who wanted to be fully well, the condition cleared.

Nature surely does a good job if we just take the time to listen.

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