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Friday, August 07, 2009

Flu and Mixed Messages

UPDATE: August 14 - Czech Republic takes Baxter to task for not guaranteeing swine flu vaccine safety.
Prague – The U.S. pharmaceutical firm Baxter which manufactures a vaccine against the swine flu in its Czech branch will not ensure the vaccine for the Czech Republic in the case of a pandemic, Baxter media representative Jana Cechova told CTK today. The Czech Republic has relied on the factory in Bohumil, Central Bohemia. In its original pandemic plan, the Czech Republic reckoned with vaccines for 60 percent of the population, while the updated plan involves vaccines for 25 percent and the Tamiflu and Relenza antivirotics for the same number.

“No contract for the delivery of the vaccines A(H1N1) between Baxter and the Czech Republic has been concluded,” Cechova said.

The websit writes that the Czech Health Ministry has explained its stopping the talks with Baxter by the firm’s inability to guarantee that the vaccine is safe and who will bear the risks for possible side-effects.

“It is a pity, but, unfortunately, at the moment when we accepted the bids, Baxter was unable to confirm that it will deliver a registered vaccine,” Health Minister Dana Juraskova said.

Over 60 Czechs have caught the swine flu, but no fatality has been registered.”

UPDATE: CDC lumps all pneumonia deaths in the same category as flu. WSJ reported that CDC inflates statistics 1500% when covering this topic.
While its full steam ahead on the swine flu and vaccine manufacturing insanity a recent article exposes a critical issue supporting the views opposing the pandemic propaganda, the need for a vaccine, and its news you need to hear.

Just consider these components from of Mike Stobbe's AP Article "Ouch! Early flu shot season comes with 3 jabs"

Ouch! is the operative word here, and please let me know if this isn't confusing:

> Experts suggest you get that first shot as early as this month (August)

> Scientists believe the swine flu vaccine will be most effective if given in two doses, about three weeks apart, although testing is still under way to check that.

> Scientists are just beginning to test the safety and effectiveness of the new swine flu vaccine, work that is expected to take months.

> "I think it's safe to say we expect some confusion," said Kristine Sheedy, a CDC communications specialist.

Well, my suggestion is that you skip the Flu Folly and read more here, here, here, here, and here before you readily give up your body to experimentation.

Retired Vax Scientist Would Never Vaccinate His Kids

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