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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not Balanced

I was visiting a friend recently and happen to notice two tubs of that margarine on her counter claiming to reduce cholesterol.

I've spoken against the use of these plant sterol products in classes I teach, in articles I've written, and in posts here at Natural Health News.

I always advise the use of unsalted butter (organic or BST free when ever possible) blended with high quality olive oil not sold in plastic.

Additionally I suggest the use of coconut oil.

The plant sterol mania coupled with the mis-information about cholesterol leaves out mention of the negative nutrition associated with the two oils relied on as some sort of miracle cure.

This morning a blog visitor mentioned a site that has some information that supports my theory on the use of canola and soy oil.

I am particularly moved by the supporting data this site offers, and here is a quote -

From The Journal of Nutrition. "Being a scientific journal it is a little difficult to read, but in summary, the content states that feeding two generations of rats with Canola oil as opposed to Soybean oil actually reduced the lifespan of the second generation of rats by about 20%! It also reduced the lifespan of the first generation, but by a smaller amount.

Erucic acid is the toxic component of Canola Oil, and the Australian Governement's website has the following very interesting article about the negative effects of erucic acid: acid monograph.pdf. In summary, the researchers found that just one dose of erucic acid was enough to cause the buildup of fatty deposits in the heart muscles of rats!

For access to more information

Here's hoping you do more investigation and learn what I've been trying to educate people about for a good decade or longer.

And move on past those tubs of chemicals and any thing else you find that contains "plant sterols". They just aren't for your best health.

The recipe I've used since I owned a first edition of "Laurel's Kitchen" is simply one half cup high quality extra virgin olive oil not sold in plastic and 1 stick of organic or BST free unsalted butter. Soften the butter and blend in the olive oil.

and VOILA - now you have your own "spread". And this one promotes health! Keep refrigerated but know that it is always spreadable.

Laurel's recipe has a few added ingredients but I dropped those years ago. If you like a little salt please use ONLY farmed Celtic salt or Tao salt. That trendy pink salt just has too much fluoride for health.

UPDATE: A reader objected to my comment on Pink Salt. I chose not to publish her comment because it contained a commercial site link.

You may find out more about the fluoride in Pink Himalayan salt here -
and I will remind readers that farmed salt is not a product that contains excessive amounts of this dangerous element. Fluoride IS cumulative and it damages the pineal gland, other organs, teeth, bone, and body function, no matter the source.

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