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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drug Costs and Insurance Keep Prices High

The high cost of drugs for US consumers is directly related to the insurance industry and third party billing. The mentality for several decades has been "we can charge what the market will bear, because insurance will cover the costs."

Of course this system is failing. Since the welfare plan for Big Pharma was introduced under the euphemistic "Senior Drug Plan" or Medicare D, as a way the Bush administration repaid the favor for all the Big Pharma money that helped him get elected, and even wrote the drug plan, costs have skyrocketed.

Seeing falling profits the health insurers raised co-pays and developed new creative ways to keep their money.

Now we have a new economic plan leading further down the pike to universal care and the single payer model, in the coming days of the new administration.

We don't see any cost savings plans yet on the government side but there is a minor movement to do so - in exchange for data - at the big box retail companies, and the drug bus.
Drugmakers and retail chains offer meds are bargain prices. But are they worth it?

I keep wondering why it is that more people aren't getting on board for health classes like I taught for many years at Secure Horizons. I'll come teach these same programs at your community organization. All you have to do is ask. You'll not only save money, you may save your health.

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