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Monday, February 23, 2009

Michael Moore

I had a few posts planned for today, however learning of Michael's passing this last Friday, I will add just the following for today.

Michael Moore is perhaps one of the most preeminent herbalists in the world, and one who has contributed much and influenced many.

I know I relied so much on his work and his help during the years I presented my "Medicinal Uses of Wildflowers"(c) series at the Darrington (WA) Wildflower Festival every summer for a decade.

His books were required reading for my students. His books and the vast amount of information he made available to people were invaluable when I was teaching my Natural Healing for Diabetes programs on reservations in the west. I recommended his work to many health professionals over the years.

Those in medicine who constantly attack us who know the wealth of information about natural healing are well advised to refer to Moore's resources.

Here are some memorials other have posted.

SW School
Paul Bergner
Bear Medicine

Godspeed my friend.

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