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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Health Without SOY

Soy is a food that has many known problems and negative effects on health. Several articles on soy are posted here at Natural Health News and many articles are found on our main web site.

It is also good to recall that the push to give your "cholesterol lowering plant sterols" adds more soy and toxic canola oils to your diet, while lowering health protective carotenoids (vitamin A family).

"What if I told you that the Food and Drug Administration lists soy as a poisonous plant?"

It really does pay to get educated and read labels before something goes in your shopping cart.

This article provides a good overview of the problems.

Highlights -

* soy oil was the first and primary profit centre for soy, and soy was largely responsible for the spread of hydrogenated or trans fats

* most soy is genetically modified

* soy farming is wreaking greater devastation on forests, cottage industries, and family farms than the cattle industry. (If you mistakenly thought soy was a bunch of hippie farmers, like I did, Dr. Daniel tells it like it is: "Let's name names. Monsanto, Dupont, Archer Daniels Midland, Solae . . . Nearly all the old hippie companies have been bought up by the big boys. For example, White Wave is owned by Dean Foods. Some of America's largest food companies now manufacture soy foods or use soy ingredients heavily in their products. Think Kraft, Kellogg, ConAgra, General Mills, Heinz, Unilever Best Foods and Dean Foods.")

* soy is a major allergen, and because it is used as filler in hundreds of products including meats and 'vegetable oil,' people with allergies may be at risk

* soy contains goitrogens, which damage the thyroid

* soy contains lectins, which cause red blood cells to lump together and may trigger abnormal immunity responses

* soy contains oligosaccarides, sugars that cause bloating and gas

* soy contains oxalates, which prevent calcium absorption, cause painful kidney stones and vulvodynia, a vaginal disorder

* many plant foods contain phytates and phytic acid, naturally occurring 'pesticides' to keep plants from being eaten while growing. phytates impair mineral absorption, and in fact, remove many minerals already in the body, including iron, zinc, and calcium. phytates in many foods are alleviated by cooking - soy's phytate levels are high and stubborn.

* isoflavones, lauded as natural estrogens, are serious endocrine disruptors, lowering testosterone, causing menstrual disorders, and cancer cell proliferation

* protease inhibitors interfere with digestive enzymes, saponins may lower good cholesterol and damage intestine

* that all of these plant chemicals can have benefits, and do exist in other foods, to varying levels of edibility: that soaking grains and fermenting beans are ancient food prep traditions

* soymilk is far from a natural food: it is filled with rancid fats and high in sugar

* soy cheeses are largely made with hydrogenated oils (safety level of hydrogenated products? ZERO)

* some health problems that may be associated with soy foods are: bladder, prostate, colorectal, thyroid and breast cancer; precancerous lesions; heart disease; type 2 diabetes; malnutrition; stunted growth; flatulence; pancreatic problems; low libido: early puberty; anemia; zinc deficiency; osteoporosis; intestinal damage; mal-absorption and leaky gut syndrome; kidney stones; allergies; infant death; immune system disruption; thyroid disease - and the list goes on.


JC said...

I am all for the fact that GM soy or pesticids laden soy must be hard on one' health.
But I have been eating organic soy products for about forty years. Am now 65. Vege. And in great shape.
You say FDA lists soy as a poisonous plant.
They also declare GM food equivalent to non GM...
Do not forget the role of Agribizz marketing, be it soy but also dairy based.
And Chinese, Japanese and mostly all East Asia peoples has been eating soy for hundred years without noting that it is a poisonous plant.
I do not get it. Really.

Unknown said...


Yes, Asians do eat soy. However, they do not eat it in very great quantitiy, they do not eat it in anunfermented state, and they don't consume standarized extracts of it or do they ingest tons of adulterated soy procuts such as Silk, Silk yoghurt, other soy milk brands, tons of tofu, soy cheese, soy oil, ad infinitem.
The important part to remember is to use only fermented soy and eat it in very low quatities, very infrequently, and not without accompanying meat or vegetables.

JC said...

Eating great quantity of any food will make you sick.
Eating any adultered food will make you sick.
Still don't get it. Why will only adultered soya make you sick.

Unknown said...

JC, try re-reading the points in my post. Soy harms your health through the impact of depleting nutrients which in turn have an effect on your healht, it also impacts your endocrine system and some necessary hormone functions. If you need more help to understand this, ixquick Mary Enig or read their article on Nexus or get Daniels' book from your local library.